3200GT 20ste verjaardag

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3200GT 20ste verjaardag

Berichtdoor gemini » wo 13 jun 2018, 11:29


Geachte maseratisti,

we organiseren een rally voor het 20-jarig jubileum in oktober.
Omdat mijn nederlands is slecht, ik zal doorgaan in engels. Uw kunt natuurlijk antwoorden in nederlands, geen problem

As you probably know, in October, it will be 20 years since the maserati 3200gt has been presented to the "mondial de Paris".

We organise with our club (french website maseratitude) an event in october to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the 3200gt.
The first gathering of maserati 3200gt from all over Europa, in the Bade Wurtemberg region (Germany) to enjoy the beautiful road through the black forest, from October 12th till 14th.

We already have guest from all over Europa (Germany, Swiss, France, Belgium, Norway...).
At the moment, 15 3200GT have already booked.

Link in english
https://www.wetravel.com/trips/maserati ... n-73252782
Link in french
https://www.wetravel.com/trips/maserati ... n-92016669

More information about the event:

The idea came up two months ago on the french forum.
The car was presented at the mondial de Paris in october 98, why not do a gathering to celebrate the anniversary in october 2018?
Quickly, it became evident that the mondial de Paris will not be the better place to organise such an event (I don't know about you, but I'm not so fond of endless traffic jams) and, anyway, it seems that maserati will not even be there this year.

I looked for a place rather central in Europa, relatively easy to reach, interesting to visit and with nice road.
The german Bade Wurtemberg, specifically the Black Forest, looked promising and it was decided to organise the meeting there (like I used to say, it's esqually far for everyone).

The 3200gt is relatively unknow in the general public, such an event could shed light on a well deserving car. Imagine tens of 3200GT driving together, it will be quite an event!
And, maybe, if some of us are able to finish the trip without incident ( unsure lolololol ), it will put an end to the bad reputation of our car.

Joke aside, bellow, the detail of the complete program (it's a copy and paste from the link provided). It's a non-profit organisation, the cost is the true cost.

Friday 12 october

Checking in at the Radisson Blu Karlsruhe (from 5PM); arrival and registration of the participants.
At 7PM, we'll have a drink together and grab a bite to eat (standing dinner buffet, from 7PM to 10PM) at the atrium.

You'll receive your welcome pack and we'll have the opportunity to meet each other.

Saturday 13 october
Driving the D500 (and various roads)

After the breakfast buffet (07:00-09:30), we will start a enjoyable drive through the black forest .

Following your roadbook, or your fellow maseratisti, along the marvelous roads of Bade Wurtemberg, you'll arrive at the Andreas Männle winery.
We will start with an aperitif in their modern barrique cellar and do a small tour through the winery before the wines tasting. Local food will be serve during the tasting and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the place.
From there, we'll follow the iconic D500 through the Black Forest to Baden Baden.
Free visit of the spa town (you'll find some indication about the interesting places to see in your roadbook).

In the evening, we'll have the dinner at the Werners restaurant, one michelin star restaurant in the lovely setting of the Schloss Eberstein.

Back to the Radisson Blu Karlsruhe for the night.

Sunday 14 october
Auto und technik Museum Sinsheim

After the breakfast at the hotel, we'll drive to our final destination, the Auto und technik museum in Sinsheim.

Only place in the world where you can see not one, but two supersonic passenger aicraft, the Concorde AND the Tupolev Tu-144, both fully accessible.
You'll find hundreds of vintage cars, sports cars, dragsters, Formula-1 legends, steam locomotives and a lot more.
The Self-Service lunch and beverage can be chosen by the members of the group on the day of the visit from the museum restaurant's daily offering.

End of the meting.
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Re: 3200GT 20ste verjaardag

Berichtdoor gemini » di 19 jun 2018, 20:03

We have currently cars from seven countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, UK and Norway) and a large variety of colors (already 9 different type of paint, we still need at least a rosso, a nero and a giallo granturismo lachert ).

Luna Argento
Bianco birdcage
Verde mistral
Blu nettuno
Verde brooklands
Grigio alfieri
Grigio Touring
Quartzo Dolomite
Blu Sebring

But still nobody from the Netherlands huh???????
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